When faced with a legal problem, you or your loved ones are better off seeking the help of a lawyer. The legal systems and processes may be hard for the average person to understand. Therefore, it is only through hiring professional lawyers, who have years of experience, can you go about your case in the right way. They will help you through the process and advise you on the possible convictions.

The Joyner PLLC law firm has the best of Chesterfield County Va Lawyers. Our group of dedicated attorneys is willing to help you through all the traffic cases and ensuring that your rights are protected. Whether you are dealing with traffic cases such as speeding, DUIs, reckless driving or other criminal charges, you can trust us to help you to have the charges dropped or the penalties reduced.

Some of the services which we provide include;

1. Speeding

Speeding in Chesterfield County is a traffic offense. However, thousands of people still get caught by traffic law enforcers while they are speeding. Whether you are a resident of Virginia or you are just a visitor, the best option would be to seek help from the Chesterfield County Va Lawyers. The penalties for speeding vary depending on how bad the situation was. It may range from fines to having your license suspended.

Without the help of an attorney, you might be at a loss. Our attorneys can help you in determining that the traffic police actually produce credible and admissible evidence that proves you indeed were speeding. Such are rights which you are entitled to. Also, after the evidence is presented, our lawyers can help to mitigate and request for a lesser penalty for you. Having handled matters involving speeding before, our lawyers know the right steps to take while addressing this traffic offense.

2. Reckless Driving

The offense of reckless driving in Chesterfield County can be put into three categories. They include recklessness in parking lots, reckless speeding, reckless driving that threatens the life of others or not observing some of the traffic rules. Therefore, it is advised that you should be as careful as you can while driving.

The penalties that one might face after being charged with reckless driving are stiff. They range from fines which might be more than $2,500, getting a reckless driving ticket or time served in prison. It is for this reason that you should really consider seeking help from our attorneys. The attorneys from Joyner PLLC are ready to help through such situations. They know how to handle such matters either by coming up with defense, seeking a lesser penalty or in some instances have the case withdrawn.

3. Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

In most circumstances, DUIs result to suspension of your driving license for almost a year. Can you imagine losing your driving privileges for that long? Also, it goes on your record that you have been caught while driving under the influence. This potentially ruins your chances while applying for a job in future. The penalties are often stiffer for those who have multiple DUIs. That is why you need to seek help from Chesterfield County Va Lawyers.

The qualified DUI lawyers in our firm can help to guide you through the process and what plea you should take. To add on that, they can help you to properly file an administrative review against having the DUI on your record. Additionally, the legal team at Joyner PLLC can also help you in case you have a DWI charge.

4. Driving without a license or driving with a suspended license

Driving without a license or with a suspended license are categorized as a misdemeanor. This qualifies them as a criminal case thus meaning you can end up facing a criminal conviction if they are found guilty of this offense. They can attract severe penalties or even jail time when one is convicted of the crime.

The Joyner PLLC has successfully helped people who have been caught up in such cases. This types of cases can be complicated for people to comprehend. However, with the help of the right attorneys, they can guide you on the process involved so that if possible, you can avoid some of the penalties. Also, if there are any defenses which can suffice, the attorneys can use them to your advantage.

5. Hit and run offenses

You need to acquire the help of Chesterfield County Va Lawyers from the Joyner PLLC if you are being charged with a hit and run offense. A hit and run charge can be brought against you when you are suspected of having hit someone or property with your vehicle then you took off.

The severity of the penalties usually varies depending on just how grievous the hit and run was. If there is someone who is severely injured or killed, it can result in one being sent to jail. This misdemeanor can also attract hefty fines. However, our diligent Joyner PLLC attorneys can help mitigate the sentence that will be imposed. In addition, they can guide you through making decision which impacts you legally.

6. Eluding the police

Eluding charges are usually brought against someone when they do not stop, or they run despite a police officer showing them a sign that they need to stop. You may be jointly charged with reckless driving if you are not careful with how you drive in the process of running away from the police officer. This offense penalty of this offense varies depending on the classification of eluding it falls under. With the help of a lawyer, you can be able to identify some of the defenses which can apply to your case.

In addition to the above-listed cases which can be handled by our firm, we are always ready and willing to have consultations on some of the other criminal and traffic offenses which are considered to be minor offenses. They include but are not limited to; failing to obey traffic signs, evading a traffic control device or driving the wrong way.

To conclude, there are so many reasons as to why you should acquire a Chesterfield County Va Lawyer from the Joyner PLLC firm. Our diligent lawyers are willing to go an extra mile by providing exceptional services. They can reduce the penalty to the charge brought against you, bring up defenses which are applicable in that charge or even dismiss the case if there is no evidence. Call us today as we are looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you through providing reliable legal services.